Who we are

MTY (Mentor. Transform. Yield) Organization is a Community Based Organization in Mombasa, Kenya that believes in and is dedicated towards initiating social change that creates social impact through skill development with our main mandate being empowering the youth through leadership and innovation.

Over the past 4 years, We has impacted over 4,300 youths, of age 16-35,  through our unique value based peer mentoring model, youth empowerment initiatives, trainings, design thinking classes, programs and outreaches, for Students in Secondary and Higher Learning Institutions as well as young graduates and professionals. The sheer scope of our work and our commitment to the development of the youth, by providing a flexible platform where they are constantly equipped with the right values, knowledge, skills and resources, requires us to continuously partner with individuals and organizations who share similar concerns and burden for the youth.

Through our leadership empowerment and mentoring programs, we equip the youths with the right values, knowledge and skills to excel, achieve their dreams, be problem solvers, decision makers, leaders and agents of change in the society.


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